Incentives and Tax Credits

Need more reasons to go solar?

Incentives, tax credits and rebates can significantly offset the out-of-pocket cost of your solar investment.


Current programs offered by utility companies in Arizona:

  • SRP (Salt River Project): the “EarthWise” program provides incentives of $0.10 per watt, up to 5 kilowatts for solar electric systems.

Tax Credits

Federal Tax Credits are another option:

  • Homeowners who purchase a solar electric system qualify for a 30% residential solar property tax credit on their Federal income tax (until December 31, 2016).
  •  Applies to systems installed in new or existing homes (provided they are professionally installed).

Arizona also offers tax credits:

  • Arizona homeowners who purchase a solar electric system get a maximum $1,000 tax credit.
  • Sales tax exemptions are available for the sale or installation of solar energy devices.

Yes, it’s complicated, but you won’t be alone! American Solar constantly tracks government rules and regulations. We’ll be your guide, helping you find and use every incentive available to you.

How to calculate your solar ROI:

  1. When calculating the total cost of your residential solar project, make sure to consider equipment costs, installation costs, interest paid on any loans, repair and maintenance costs.
  2. Total the amount of gains, discounts and rebates. Gains include possible home appreciation from the solar installation, and estimated bill savings.
  3. Subtract total costs from the total of gains, discounts and rebates. This figure provides your net savings over a period of time.