Your roof matters.

Do you want somebody up there who doesn’t know what he’s doing?

During the installation of your new solar electric system, there will be 30+ spots where we need to penetrate your roof to make sure the equipment is solidly attached. You don’t want to invest in a solar electric system only to find that a fly-by-night contractor left roof leaks and broken tiles behind.

American Solar is one of only two solar energy companies in Arizona that is also a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractor.

You can count on us to evaluate the strength and condition of your roof and tell you the truth about whether your home is ready for solar. If you need a new roof, we can do that – and our work comes with a warranty. When your solar electric system is installed, you can also count on us to make sure that, when we’re done, your roof is solid, the penetration spots are fully sealed – and if we break a tile, we replace it.

At American Solar, the power of choice gives us the power to get it right.


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