Our Process

At American Solar, we get it right.   

With more than a decade in business and over 4,500 solar electric system installations, our experience is unmatched in Arizona. We hold ourselves responsible for being experts in every aspect of our industry.

More importantly, we make it easy.

Our process starts with a no-obligation analysis and cost estimate. We’re licensed, bonded, insured, and we never charge for the initial site visit.

  • We review the last 12 months of your electricity usage.
  • We go to your home and perform a detailed evaluation of your roof and your lot.
  • We look at roof features (vents, chimneys, air conditioners, and satellite dishes). Shade matters, so we’ll even be looking for how your neighbor’s trees could affect your solar electric system installation.
  • We are licensed roofers, so we will also assess the age, strength and condition of your roof. It makes no sense to install a new solar electric system on a failing roof.
  • We’ll talk with you about your objectives for solar electric offset.  Most customers offset their utility bills at least 50%; we’ve seen offsets of up to 100%.

Once we have the data, American Solar will recommend a solar electric system that fits the needs of you and your family. We’ll install low-profile solar panels for the best appearance, and when installing on a tile roof, we inset the array for a more integrated look.

Once the installation begins, you will have confidence knowing that American Solar’s licenses are spotless, and that your home will be, too. Our goal is to leave your property cleaner than when we started.

Additionally, our team is constantly evaluating financing options and we have a menu of options – including low down payment leasing – researched and ready to go.  We even help with the paperwork.

Here’s the bottom line: we know solar better than anybody.  There’s power in experience.

We created American Solar to give our customers the power to choose excellence.