Sean Seitz always knew there was nothing scary or complicated about solar energy. In Arizona – where sunshine is cheap and almost constant – he should have been seeing solar panels everywhere, but he didn’t.

So, more than ten years ago he began working with one clear mission: to start a solar energy revolution in Arizona. It was the genesis of a movement that has become American Solar.

Against the odds, American Solar worked with legislators and regulators to overhaul public policy. they worked with manufacturers to help create more advanced technology, and assembled a team of professionals who shared their drive and independence. They educated themselves on the very best ways to help customers finance their solar investment and make the most of incentives.

In 2008, American Solar realized that to truly provide best-in-class service they needed to expand their mastery to include roofing. (Why install a solar system with a lifespan of twenty years on a roof that has only five good years left?) This core belief in “doing it right” is why American Solar takes the time to evaluate the whole picture and develop the best plan, the optimum system configuration, and the most affordable financing option for each and every customer.

Today, American Solar is a leader in the residential solar energy industry. As they move into their second decade in business in Arizona, they still have the determination of a startup but with the sturdy backbone of an industry leader. Their mission will always be to fight to make sure their customers save money and stay energy-independent by using the safe, reliable, abundant energy provided by the sun.